Solutions for Manufacturing 

ITI is a global leader in interoperability, validation and migration of product data and related systems.  For more than 30 years ITI has helped clients streamline processes and reduce the amount of downstream changes caused by inaccurate, outdated or incomplete data.

ITI capabilities for CAD/CAE/PLM interoperability, data validation, and reliability operate within a framework for secure and traceable exchange and distribution.  These capabilities apply across the product lifecycle; enabling more efficient and effective product design, supply chain and manufacturing processes.

ITI’s subject matter experts deliver solutions to solve complex issues which allow clients to spend more time engineering and less time searching for, validating and reworking data.

Enhance Manufacturing Productivity and Stakeholder Value

Through strong partnerships with Industry, Government and Technology Vendors, ITI has developed and commercialized many leading technologies which have provided significant impact to US and global manufacturing.

ITI 30th Anniversary

ITI Webinar Series

ITI's webinar series is designed to educate our clients on key topics effecting today's evolving product development landscape.

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ITI Webinars

  • Technical Roadblocks for a Model Based Enterprise
  • CAD Simplification for CAE & Geometry Preparation for Additive Manufacturing
  • Technical Data Packaging (TDP) Creation, Validation & Delivery
  • Implementation of a MBD Environment at NAVAIR - NAWC
  • Understanding the Levels of MBE
  • PLM Migration - Getting the Right Data to the Right Place at the Right Time